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How To Make Your Research Paper More Interesting

While you may feel that your teacher wants to read boring essay after boring essay, this is not necessarily true. Everyone (even teachers) enjoys reading an interesting piece of writing. The key, in this case, is to know the difference between making your paper interesting and going off topic. By following these four tips, you can easily make your essay one that your teacher will remember.

Tip #1: Choosing from a List of Topics

One of the worst things you can do is choose a boring topic for your paper. This makes it almost impossible to write an interesting essay. First, if you must choose from a list of topics, choose some that seem promising and put a spin on them. Then, ask your professor if it is okay to alter the topic a little. Remember that your paper can only be as interesting as the subject that it is written on.

Tip #2: Choosing Your Own Topic

When you choose your own topic, you have the freedom to make your paper interesting. Do not take this freedom lightly. Begin by choosing a general topic, and then narrow it down until you have a manageable topic. Once your topic is manageable, ask yourself if you will be able to enjoy writing about it. If you cannot enjoy writing about your topic, it is unlikely that someone will enjoy reading it.

Tip #3: Find Interesting Facts about Your Topic

Whether you are writing about the French Revolution or the Physiological Changes of an Elephant, every topic has at least one interesting fact. Find at least one interesting fact about your topic that can spice up your paper. If you find more that one, make a list! You can decide which tidbits of information to include later- after you have found all of the other facts that you need.

Tip #4: Include the Fact in Your Introduction

Once you know the interesting information that you would like to include, it is important that you write about it in the appropriate area. Remember that the body of your research paper is to prove your thesis- not entertain your reader. Unless your interesting fact actually proves a point about your thesis, it belongs in the introduction or conclusion of your paper. In fact, including something interesting is a great way to introduce the general topic of your paper, as well as get your reader interested for the information that is to come.