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5 Things To Know About Ethical Considerations In Dissertation Research


A dissertation is a tough task for any research student because It require lots of time, money, effort and dedication to complete it. Now imagine all this hard work going down the drain simply because you did not follow or considered the ethical implications of your research and because of that your research gets rejected. To avoid this catastrophe, it is highly imperative that students know the ethical dilemmas that could be faced by a dissertation research. In this article, I will be telling you about the five ethical considerations that you need to keep in mind before and during the writing of your dissertation essay.


The first thing to consider is the rights and ownership of the research. The problem always arises between the faculty and student on who did the most work and who is eligible to get more credit. Therefore, it is recommended that before the start of the project it is made extremely care that who will own the intellectual property so that later on you're not running around in courts suing each and other for copyright infringement. This is also important because it will be an absolute heartbreak if someone else got praised for all your hard work.

Defined Roles:

If your research includes experiments, then it is important that you tell the participants what their part will be. Whether or not if it voluntary or will they be rewarded for participation.


Before taking any interviews or research, it is crucial that you have taken full permission from the subjects, and they are made fully aware of the potential risk and rewards. You should tell them about the purpose of your research beforehand and also permit them to leave if they don’t find it comfortable anytime during the research process.


It is highly unethical to leak or disclose the personal information of anyone without their consent and is a violation of the confidentiality agreement.

Ethical Guidelines:

It is recommended that researchers follow the APA Ethics code as it is a proper guideline to the do's and don’ts of research regarding ethical boundaries.


These are the five main ethical considerations that you need to keep in mind before you start any research because following them will not only avoid any problems but it will also improve your credibility as a person, teacher and student.