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Writing A Research Paper About Not Lowering The Drinking Age

Attempting a research paper on challenging topics would require a lot of attention. If your essay topic is on not to lower the drinking age of high school students, then extensive research on the given subject becomes imperative. You have to carry out a thorough homework on the topic before you start writing your subject. The alcohol consumption in high school students has been increasing on a rapid scale with each passing day. Hence, your research paper should emphasize on the rising issue issue of binging alcohol and its negative repurcussion in school-going students of present days. What are the points that are needed to be covered? Have a quick view over the points enumerated below.

Do not exceed the age limit

It is a natural tendency of every child to think and behave like and adult as soon as a child comes of age. Entering the age of teen gives teenagers a freedom to do anything he or she wants. It is a crucial phase when teenagers go on a wrong path. Whether it is a drug or alcohol consumption, the teenagers most likely to set their first step in the world of wrongdoings. Drinking alcohol becomes a signature mark of stepping into adulthood for most of the adolescents. Hence, there should be a certain age limit set for all school-going students. The law should not decrease the drinking age below 21 years, as the result could be drastic for children and their parents.

Misconceptions of drinking habits

Generally, the students who have not yet crossed the boundary of high school are under the impression that boozing is a glamourous activity. Hence, to impress their school buddies, teenagers take the challenge of binging alcohol which push them into the pit of destruction at an early age. Stress on the negative impact of drinking among adolescent group.

Succumb to illness

Drinking at such an early age makes a chid's body a home of diseases. Many cancerous diseases start to take shelter in a child's body, making a child lethargy in their adulthood. Put emphasis on the dreadful diseases caused due to excessive alcoholfrom adolescence.

Rebellious behavior

Having a few pegs right from the school days makes a student rebellious. It has been noticed that students seek immoral steps, such as stealing money from parents' wallets, making fake identity cards to get liquor bottles from the liquor store and turning violence at every little instance when they drown their lives in the pool of alcohol. Highlight the downsides of boozing in a school-going student.

Mention all the aforementioned points in your research paper to bring out the side effects of drinking at a lower age.